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Sheer Bliss Handmade Natural Soaps If you have never used natural soap, you will be surprised at how kind and gentle natural soap is to your skin, very different from commercially mass produced soap. The reason for this is simple: Sheer Bliss natural soap is produced in small batches, using what is known as cold process. Cold process natural soaps are rich in glycerine and emollient oils.

I use only the finest vegetable and plant oils to achieve a hard and long lasting bar with good cleansing and moisturising qualities, while luxury vegetable butters such as shea and cocoa butter contribute additional nutrients and add to the richness of the soap. The only additives are pure aromatherapy oils for fragrance, and herbs, spices and natural clays for colour and texture. This results in soap that looks great and smell delicious, with lots of creamy lather, but that is also extremely gentle on even the most delicate skins.

All soaps are suitable for vegetarians, all non milk soaps are also suitable for vegans.

Orange & Spice Spice Mini-logs

In addition to soaps (bath and guest bars and logs), I also offer gift packs for all occasions, good qualities base and essential oils, skin care products and a good range of accessories, including soap dishes and organza bags. Please visit the Shop for details.


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